• Thank you for an amazing 2021 season!

    We look forward to opening up on Memorial Day Weekend 2022!


    We've got a top notch team!

    Kimora Tillman


    Brayden Rowland


  • Rain Check Policy
    Rain checks will be issued only if the pools are cleared and closed for one consecutive hour prior to 4:00 PM. Rain checks are valid through the remainder of the current water park season.

    Weather Policy
    In the event short term, severe weather is experienced, i.e. thunder is heard, or; lightning is sighted or detected by our Thorguard lightning detection device, all pools and pool decks will be cleared immediately. Pools and decks will remain clear until our Thorguard lightning detection device sounds the horn 3 times, letting us know the area is safe. The pool complex will also be closed and cleared anytime sufficient rainfall is occurring to obscure the bottom of a pool resulting in an unsafe swimming environment, and will remain closed until such time as visual acuity for the bottom of the pool reaches a safe level.

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    575 Southern Pines Road
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    Will reopen Memorial Day Weekend 2022!