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    All passes are valid for the entire 2019 season.

    Please scroll down and read the directions on how to correctly purchase your season pass.


    *DISCLAIMER: If you purchase your Season Pass after 2 PM on Friday, or any time over the weekend, it will not be available for pick-up at the gate until the following MONDAY morning.*


  • To purchase your Southern Pines Water Park Season Passes follow the steps below:


    We offer 2 different types of season passes- one for individuals, and another for families of 4.

    If your family is larger than 4 people, we recommend buying a family season pass, and then as many additional individual season passes as needed.

    • After you decide on which type of season pass you wish to purchase, please choose which delivery option is best for you.
    • Season passes can be mailed directly to your mail box, OR be ready for immediate pick-up at the water park gate during operating hours.
    *If picking up at the gate- please provide the name of which who purchased the Season Passes online for verification purposes.


    Should you have any questions, please call us at 478-277-5060.


    Dublin-Laurens County Recreation Authority looks forward to splashing with you all summer.

    Southern Pines Water Park is located at 575 Southern Pines Road, Dublin, GA 31021.


    Our main office can be found just 2 miles down 441 South at 102 Travel Center BLVD, Dublin, GA 31021.