• Southern Pines Water Park


    • Southern Pines Water Park capacity is 490 people. If this number is reached during summer operation then admission into the water park is done on a “1 out/1 in” basis until we are under capacity. There are no exceptions for people who have hand stamps.
    • Small Children
    • Children and non-swimmers should remain in ARMS REACH at all times. Parents and counselors are our first layer of drowning protection. Lifeguards are there to prevent and respond to emergencies, but are not there to babysit.
    • Swim Suit
      Anyone planning on entering the water must wear a proper swim suit. NO jeans, khakis, etc. are allowed. Men must have on bathing suit shorts. Women must wear a one-piece suit or a two-piece (top & bottom). Shirts & athletic shorts are allowed to be worn as a cover up over a bathing suit- and CAN be worn in the water. If you are not wearing a swim suit, you will not be allowed in the water.
    • Age Restrictions
      Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a responsible person age 16 or over. Children age 2 and under will enter free when accompanied by a paying adult or season pass holder.
    • Weather Policy
      In the event short term, severe weather is experienced, i.e. thunder is heard, or; lightning is sighted or detected by our Thorguard lightning detection device, all pools and pool decks will be cleared immediately. Pools and decks will remain clear until our Thorguard lightning detection device sounds the horn 3 times, letting us know the area is safe. The pool complex will also be closed and cleared anytime sufficient rainfall is occurring to obscure the bottom of a pool resulting in an unsafe swimming environment, and will remain closed until such time as visual acuity for the bottom of the pool reaches a safe level.
    • Rain Checks
      Rain checks will be issued only if the pools are cleared and closed for one consecutive hour prior to 4:00 PM. Rain checks are valid through the remainder of the current water park season.
    • Outside Food & Drinks 
    • NO COOLERS are permitted inside the park. NO outside food or drinks are allowed. Random bag checks are a possibility and outside food and drinks found inside the park will be confiscated. Patrons are allowed to get a hand stamp to exit the park to eat at their cars and return into the park. First Aid exceptions can be made, simply bring those concerns/issues up to our Main Office at 102 Travel Center BLVD Dublin, GA 31021.
    • Tobacco Products
      No tobacco products, (smoking, chewing or vaping) will be allowed inside the pool enclosure. Those wishing to use tobacco products will have their hand stamped and must exit Southern Pines Water Park.
    • Alcohol & Drug Use
      Alcohol/drugs are NOT allowed in our facility. Any person suspected of being under the influence of a controlled substance will not be allowed entry to the facility, or, if inside the facility, they will be asked to leave.

    Other Rules:

    • Running, rough play, roughhousing, and obscene gestures and language are not allowed. Determination of these acts are occurring is left solely to the discretion of the pool staff.
    • Designated park staff will determine if a swimmer with a contagious condition or open wound will be allowed admission into any of the swimming areas.
    • Southern Pines Water Park and the Dublin-Laurens County Recreation Authority are not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
    • Chewing gum will not be allowed inside the pool fence at any time.
    • Hanging on lane ropes will not be permitted.
    • Only radios utilizing head phones will be allowed.
    • No water toys will be allowed at any time in the pools. Flotation devices must be Coast Guard approved and labeled as such.
    • Swim diapers will be required of all infants and toddlers swimming in the facility. Positively no disposable diapers of any kind will be allowed. These may be purchased from our concession stand.
    • Pool management reserves the right to modify rules or create new rules as situations dictate. Failure to follow directions from pool staff will result in removal from the facility.
  • Frequently asked questions & answers!

    Do we accept cards and cash?

    Yes! We accept cards and cash at the gate AND the concession stand. We also accept local checks.

    Do we rent cabanas?

    Yes! Cabanas can be rented for families. You must purchase them at the gate!

    Can you leave the park and come back the same day?

    Yes! You may get your hand stamped at the gate and come back before we close that same day.

    Do we allow outside food or drinks?

    No, because we offer a very convenient and reasonably priced concession stand inside the park. Combo meals are $5-$7.

    Can my child ride the water slide? Can 2 ride together?

    You must be at least 48 inches tall to get on the water slide. The water is 42 inches deep at the bottom. Only 1 at a time may ride.

    The inflatable water slide is available for kids under 48 inches tall.

    Can you bring outside floats or chairs?

    No, we actually provide floats to use in the lazy river, as well as have several chairs you may use! We ask that you not hold chairs.