Our Water Park Has A Name!

    Winners have been announced:

    drum roll please 🥁🥁🥁🥁

    We are super excited to announce that Southern Pines Water Park will be open for the summer starting May 25th! ☀️

    3 lucky winners suggested the name, and will be receiving a 2019 Season Pass to the water park!

    Congrats 🥳:
    Beth Hooks
    Tom Eck
    Dalton Dutile

    14 lucky people had the words “Southern Pines” in their name, and have won a 1 day pass to the water park!

    Congrats 🥳 Julie Washburn, Mandy Rogers, Annie Clover, Brajhunta Johnson, Candice Davis, Marie Mullis, Mandi Berry, Kristen Dixon, Tonya Stapleton, Katherine Pope, Tracy & Joe Kinard, Pamela Thomas, & Robert Haywood!!

    Our water park website is officially LIVE, and we will be ready to take orders for Season Passes soon! ☀️

    Grand Opening

    May 25 & 26, 2019

    Dive on in Memorial Day weekend during our Grand Opening! After months of construction, it's time to make a splash! The new water park will officially be open to the public May 25, 2019.

    Our Lifeguards Are Certified!

    On ​March 9 & 10 and May 4 & 5, our lifeguards became official!

    We are proud to say we currently have 42 trained lifeguards who plan on keeping the water park safe all summer long! These ambitious kids are stoked to be outside and active this summer.

    Thank you, Fairview Fitness Center, for allowing us to borrow your indoor pool for training!